★★★★★"If you're in the Seattle area and in need to some guitar training, Mike is your guy. Incredible talent and a brilliant teacher".

                        - Lindsey

★★★★★ "Mike Keeney is an extremely talented guitarist and an excellent teacher. As a prior student, I can tell you that you won't regret taking lessons from Mike"

                        - Gary

★★★★★"I would highly recommend taking lessons with Mike! Speaking from personal experience, I know that Mike is extremely dedicated to helping his students progress, and will go out of his way to do anything he can to make them successful."

                        - Leah

★★★★★"Mike began teaching my son when Benett was in 5th grade (11yrs). Mike instantly got to know Benett to determine what would help inspire Benett musically. With Mike's funny disposition, astute video game knowledge and eclectic musical taste, he was able to quickly climb into my son's head. Mike expertly taught Benett guitar fundamentals and managed to keep him coming back for more. Benett looked forward to his sessions with Mike and practiced independently so that he wouldn't let Mike down. Because of Mikes instruction, Benett made the middle school Jazz Band and he worked with Benett to solo by age 13. Mike worked with Benett for three years before relocating to Seattle. We were sad to see him leave Chicago. Mike is a great teacher, a positive mentor and an insanely talented musician"

                                                        - Tara

★★★★★  "Mike really helped me to hear (and play) proper phasing in my classical studies. He also was great at keeping me motivated when I was stuck on a plateau. I really moved forward studying under Mike. He went above and beyond by offering new and interesting music, some of which were his own transcriptions, others were timely inspirations related to my interests. Finally, Mike helped me find and prepare for my first classical gig, which I very much enjoyed."

                                                                - Eric

★★★★★ "Mike is GREAT with kids, and a very enthusiastic creative musican! Seattle is lucky to have him!"

                        - Sue

★★★★★ "Mike Keeney is an awesome guitar teacher! I just recently started taking lessons with Mike and was immediately impressed with his talent and skills, passion, professionalism, and attitude. I have always been a bit shy about playing guitar but I feel at ease with Mike. I was also impressed with how quickly and competently he was able to assess my current skill level and provided specific exercises and tips to help me progress from exactly where I'm at today. I left my first lesson feeling empowered and inspired. I have worked with other guitar teachers in Seattle - some very awesome talented musicians and teachers - and I have to say, Mike Keeney is exceptional. Also, his fee's are very reasonable, and his office is comfortable and conveniently located on the south end of Aurora in Fremont."

                                              - Elle